They will teach peers not to be afraid of gadgets and online services
Iryna and Valerii share their experience in the format of an online series. It is released on various platforms to reach the maximum target audience in two segments — seniors (80%) and young people (20%).
Iryna (63) and Valerii (71) become ambassadors for the project. For 3.5 months, they dive into the world of online services: testing, learning, overcoming prejudices. They are helped by children and grandchildren, friends, specialists from different fields and celebrity guests.
Let us introduce all the heroes of our communication campaign
12 stories with tips in Na Pensii newspaper, which is received by over 60,000 weekly subscribers
15 series of shows for Youtube, Facebook and broadcasts on regional TV channels UA: Suspilne
10 episodes of podcast shows for key podcast platforms and Ukrainian radio
10 tik-tok integrations with bloggers
Partnership with TSNAPs, local libraries and advanced age universities
Viber community for announcements, tips, communication with readers
Publication of all materials (video, podcasts, statistics) on 40 local media of The City
The City network of city sites. A network of sites launched by the Agency in 2017. Currently, it is more than 40 editorials in various cities of Ukraine, as well as editorials about life in the East Svoi.City with an audience of 1.5-1.6 million readers per month. The total coverage on social networks on all pages of the media is 183 thousand subscribers.
What projects have already been done?
Zhyttieliub Charitable Foundation and the Agency for Adult Models

The mission of both projects is to help seniors find modern jobs and hobbies, get acquainted with technology and keep up with the times. The project has gathered around itself a large community of proactive seniors. In 2020 they worked with 72 thousand people, and their Facebook page has 27,000 subscribers.
All-Ukrainian newspaper Na Pensii. It is received by over 60,000 weekly subscribers all over country. Also, since 2006 they have been running the website, which is read by 30,000 people a month, and almost 4,000 users have subscribed to the Facebook page.
In July 2020, 25 editions of the network published newspapers with a special project Razom Proty Koronavirusu, which was designed for the seniors. Total coverage is more than 80 thousand copies, which have spread to different parts of the country.
Together with pensioners from Donetsk Obast, they trained critical thinking skills and analyzed the programs of candidates in the 2020 local elections. Programs, social networks, candidates' past, personal impressions and memories with heroines in Bakhmut, Kramatorsk, Slovyansk, Kostiantynivka, Lyman and Pokrovsk.
What projects have already been done?
What projects have already been done?