is a non-governmental organization launched by Ukrainian media managers and editors in 2017.
ABO Local Media Development Agency
The mission of ABO is to relaunch the local media market through the creation and development of independent local online media and projects, systematic development of its infrastructure, improving the professional level of local journalists and their skills, developing, testing, and implementing business solutions and IT-instruments for media monetization, and deeper audience engagement.
The strong local media will provide the local citizens with quality local content, which, as a result, should increase the level of media literacy, civic engagement, and awareness of community residents and involve them in the development of their cities and towns.
We have developed our own CMS-platform for media, based on which a local online-media can be launched within 2-3 days.

45 local media outlets in towns all over the country have been launched by us. They are known as The City media network.

The ABO team provides technical support, keeps developing the CMS-platform, and together with media outlets tests new business models and approaches to storytelling.

The ABO team consists of 40 media managers, editors, SMM specialists, SEO managers, designers, video editors, scriptwriters, and web developers who help the editorial teams from small town
    Key facts
    Most of the websites in The City network are owned by the media teams and are funded by ads, subscriptions, and minor grants. ABO owns a few websites in the network.

    The networked teams operate mostly in towns and communities with a 10,000-60,000 population.

    The overall monthly audience of the network websites is around 2,6 million viewers and the audience reach on Facebook is about 6 million people.

    Over 5 years, ABO has successfully implemented over 20 projects for the total amount of over $10 million aimed at the development of local media in Ukraine. They were supported by NED, USAID, UNDP, Internews, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, the Embassy of the Czech Republic, and other donors
    Our network consists of 40 media in towns all over the country. It is a close-knit community of 300 editors and journalists, with whom we have been working on a daily basis over the last few years.
    The City network
    11 editorial offices happened to be in the towns, temporarily occupied by Russia. Their teams have left but continue covering what is going on in their native towns every day. Some of them have lost their relatives, and some have lost their homes. To support these people, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign.
    Our own media
    This online journal is about the people, towns, and life in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Previously we described how the region was developing. Now we are recording Russia's crimes in eastern Ukraine and helping our readers survive in these circumstances.
    This is an online journal in English in which we publish the translations of the best materials from The City network. We tell about Ukraine at war. About people fighting for victory. International media can re-print all the materials free of charge.
    This media outlet helps people who have to flee from the war. It tells them how to leave, get assistance, settle, and help Ukraine win the war.
    Good Afternoon, We Are From Ukraine!
    A Youtube-project about little and big victories of Ukrainians that inspire others. Something good, kind, and sometimes funny in these difficult times.
    Stories about Ukrainian civilians murdered by Russia. We publish them in Ukrainian, English, and Russian. The fallen Ukrainians should not become mere statistics.
    The online journal about the life of coastline towns of Ukraine and having rest at the seaside. Since the beginning of the war, it stopped working, and its team launched the media about evacuation.
    Oh, Sea
    Lera Lauda
    The team
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    of ABO NGO
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    the co-founder
    of ABO NGO
    Yulia Mashuta
    the head of SEO department and Media Battalion of ABO
    Anastasia Abramets
    the chief editor of Evacuation website
    Gayane Avakyan
    the chief editor of Svoi online journal
    Yuliana Okhotnik
    the head of the content department and Svoi.Global online journal
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